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Well the aircraft I am using doesn't have a VC but assuming it had one, then yes it would.

I suppose there are two options when aliasing a panel to an aircraft that already has a 2D and VC:

1) You do a direct copy of another aircraft panel config file, this would give you a new 2D panel (obviously) and also give you a totally blank, non textured, VC with no gagues as the texture and gauge mappings wont line up.

2) You mix and match parts from the panel config and end up with a new 2D and the old VC.

The gauges aren't built into the model in any way in FSX, HOWEVER there is one little developers trick which I get the feeling we may be seeing a lot of in FSX. Because obviously now everyone is encouraged to use XML all the programming is in plain text that anyone can rip out. But you can code XML and link them in to animations in the FSX compiler thus they are stuck in the model. If say someone like PMDG wanted to embed an important technical function that they didn't want anyone to get their hands on then it could be aliased to, for example, the concorde visor animation and, when activated it would just run the XML - no need for it to actually move anything.

Rather interestingly I have just looked into the way the G1000 works and it is all plain HTML with all the bitmaps there, uncompressed, unencoded and free for use.

One wouldn't wish to spread rumors but I wonder if this had anything to do with the reason CLS released a G1000 just weeks after the Release Client was sent to them....

Bones wrote:
So does this give you a 2D panel that looks completely different to the build in VC?
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course you can Bones!

Until I get a A330 Panel sorted (thats this afternoons job) I've been working with the A321 panel aliased to the A330 and it works fine!

Just as a matter of interest can you alias an aircraft's panel to another
one on your system like we could in FS2004? I'll be surprised if you can.



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