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Check the aircraft.cfg file to see if there are additional speed limitation
values like Vmmo. If they aren't there they might still be in the .air file
but I thought MS were moving all data out and just leaving tables in that


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The fact that many of the guges are located in the aircraft's Panel
flolde suggests they may be aircraft specific. Probably confirmed by the
fact the G1000 speed ribbon incorporates a red sector that can't be the
same for all aircraft; something I'll take a closer look at. Could the
problem of two values being missing, when it's used with an FS9 aircraft
be due to  the string that calls up those two values being different in
FSX from FS9?

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>In FS98 the technologies were all very separate. The aircraft designer
>could make his model and let others bolt a panel to it or change the
>textures. We could build our own 2D panels fairly easily as long as we
>cobbled together a selection of pre built gauges - apart from clever
>sods who could code in
>Then along came FS2002 and the gauges were now XML which meant we could
>build our own. The downside was that this sim fused the cockpit design
>into the MDL file and so we could only make 2D panels for an aircraft -
>the VC was stitched up in the model and untouchable. It meant that
>aircraft and gauges designer had to collaborate on a design together,
>which is why the numbers of aircraft designers plummeted.
>I understand that FSX has gone further again and that gauges may be
>part of the aircraft model. If so it is taking design further away from
>the tinkerers like ourselves.
>Just as a matter of interest can you alias an aircraft's panel to
>another one on your system like we could in FS2004? I'll be surprised
>if you can.
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>Another aspect to the Garmin introduction, much as I welcome it, is the
>effect it has on panels in general. Use a glass panel with any
>regularity and the analogue versions are hard to return to. In FS9 it
>was possible to make any number of hybrid panels, using glass gauges
>from a variety of sources, backed up by a sensble number of  standby
>analoue gauges. In FSX, if my first exprience is to be the norm, this
>is going to be much more difficult to achieve. Many of the FS9 gauges
>don't work. The few light aircraft in FSX all have the same Garmin
>panel. The background, meagre though it is, is the same. A few readouts
>within the Garmin are changed, to reflect the presence or absence of
>variable pitch prop. The overall effect is that all GA aircraft look
>the same; which is about as Unreal As It Gets! What I tried to do last
>night was to place the Garmin unit within one of my existing panels;
>that of the APM20, which I'd constructed as a variation on the Bulldog
>panel's background. My next shot will be to reverse the batting order.
>I'll just copy the C172.G1000 panel across and see if it works If so
>I'll swap background bipmaps and go on from there.
>Gerry Winskill
>Bones wrote:
>>It has already been hinted at in FreeFlight that the system complexity
>>has gone up a level or two and that interdependencies are more strict
>>in FSX. This has been roughly translated by some as a move by MS to
>>make design feasible for the commercial design teams at the expense of
>>the home brew designer. They can therefore claim that the product is
>>open to 3rd party support whilst also ensuring those 3rd parties are
>>limited to groups that can afford the time and tools to work with the
>>new code.
>>I'm guessing here but I suspect MS don't want people hacking into the
>>GPS1000 code. It might be worth looking at an existing aircraft panel
>>with the GPS fit to see if there are any hidden gauges that may be
>>interfacing between the ASI or altimeter and the GPS..
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>>Whilst modifying FDX panels, for displacement to their own monitor, I
>>decided to incorporate the Garmin 1000 panel into one of my much used
>>FS9 aircraft. All went well until I flew it. Althought its ribbon rate
>>of climb indicator works, the altitude reading doesn't change. Nor
>>does the airspeed register, though the TAS appears, OK, in the base of
>>the display. Any ideas? Does it look for some sort of authority, in
>>the .air file?
>>Gerry Winskill

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