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It has already been hinted at in FreeFlight that the system complexity has
gone up a level or two and that interdependencies are more strict in FSX.
This has been roughly translated by some as a move by MS to make design
feasible for the commercial design teams at the expense of the home brew
designer. They can therefore claim that the product is open to 3rd party
support whilst also ensuring those 3rd parties are limited to groups that
can afford the time and tools to work with the new code.

I'm guessing here but I suspect MS don't want people hacking into the
GPS1000 code. It might be worth looking at an existing aircraft panel with
the GPS fit to see if there are any hidden gauges that may be interfacing
between the ASI or altimeter and the GPS..


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Whilst modifying FDX panels, for displacement to their own monitor, I
decided to incorporate the Garmin 1000 panel into one of my much used
FS9 aircraft. All went well until I flew it. Althought its ribbon rate
of climb indicator works, the altitude reading doesn't change. Nor does
the airspeed register, though the TAS appears, OK, in the base of the
Any ideas? Does it look for some sort of authority, in the .air file?

Gerry Winskill

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