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Sheffield Airport could be sold for =A31

21 Oct, 2004, 15:30


It has been reported that Sheffield's struggling airport could be sold =
for just ONE pound in a secret deal just seven years after the facility

The airport is built on hundreds of acres of publicly-owned prime
development land.

Under terms agreed by the former Sheffield Development Corporation in =
this is now due to be transferred to the airport operators for just =

But it is understood that already the operators in partnership with
developers have submitted a planning application to the city council for =
site to be turned into a business park.

If approved it would make it worth millions. Sheffield City Council is =
calling for an independent inquiry.=20



So they=92ll lose this and while not too far away the old RAF base at
Finningley  looks set to become Robin Hood Airport.  Yes, it is in =
not Nottinghamshire but then Robin Hood was a Yorkshireman, apparently.



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