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  • From: Gerry Winskill <gwinsk@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 21:44:59 +0100

Changing to the Falcon now.

Bones wrote:

I'm fairly sure that the only aircraft now in EuroManx colours are the two
Dash 8's. Apart from those they are only operating with an ATR - but that is
not in their colours.

The two Dorniers were D-CPRW and D-CMTM but I thought they flew out many
months ago.

Did you install my JHB pack Gerry? If so could you change the flight plan to
the Falcon or Fokker so I can check it on ServInfo?


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Looked more like a stroll than a Dash!

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

It's the Dash 8-100 - otherwise known as the "baby dash". <g>


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It looked awful small, for a Dash 8.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

No - the Dorniers went with the 146's. They only have two Dash 8's
left now.


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BTW, just before lunch I was sitting in the car park, waiting for SWMBO to pop to the BA desk. A Euromanx liveried TP taxied in. Are they still using the Do328, since that's what it looked like? Still awaiting password so I can try the server sessions. Frustrating, innit? Also frustrating is the wait for the new PC. Another 5 working days to wait. Grr.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Two topics here.

DH82 Tiger Moth

I hope this is now finished after the latest round of mods. The
aircraft can be downloaded from the DH82A page at

Those of you who grabbed the test aircraft a couple of weeks ago
don't need to download the 9Mb file. The subsequent changes have been
with the cfg files and the panel bitmaps so I have bundled these
(only) into a smaller 2Mb zip for you to grab. I will leave this on
site for a few days for everyone to get and then I'll zap it.

I'd appreciate comments on the final work just in case something
comes to light that I've missed. In the meantime I will start on the
floatplane version.

PCF AI Aircraft

Completed, tested and (in some cases) flown are the following PCF AI

Beech 1900, Beech58, Cessna 172, Dash 8-300, Falcon 2000, Fokker 70
and Fokker 100.

These are now available in a single zip which you can grab from:

Go right to the bottom of the page for the link. The PCF_JHB.zip file
is 3.5Mb.

Just unzip the files into your FS2004/Aircraft folder and it should
create the PCF folders automatically. A few points to note before you

1. In the case of the C172 it should add the JHB sub folder to the
existing aircraft but you will be prompted to overwrite the
aircraft.cfg file. I have not included the existing PCF C172 files so
I hope you have it on your system.

2. Once installed you need to ensure that next time you start PCF you
remember to press the update library button (or whatever it's called)
on the flight plan menu.

3. I have not edited the .air files for these aircraft to make them
disappear from the FS2004 aircraft listing. They will all show up
under the manufacturer of "FS Pilot Club".

4. Despite being low poly count aircraft specifically made as AI some
of them actually fly very well as "proper" aircraft. For all of them
I took off, flew a wide circuit, coupled the AP for an ILS approach,
uncoupled on short final for a manual landing and then flew a manual
circuit. The Dash 8 and Beech 1900 are especially nice to fly with
the Falcon 2000 being a close third. The Falcon lost a brownie point
because it suffers from glideslope dive but it is otherwise pleasant
to fly.  The Fokker 70 and 100 should be left just for AI as they are
not nice to fly. Both suffer from chronic roll rate (except when on
AP) and both fail to lose speed on approach. Stick to the PF models.
I didn't try the C172 or Baron as I suspect these are actually the FS
default aircraft - the texture sets are identical anyway.

For now I think that should give us some variety for our PC
sessions.. As we get to use the system I am sure any further gaps
will come to light.


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