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For most add-ons you can rename the aircraft folder to any name you want. I
tend to rename aircraft by manufacturer and then type so they appear in an
orderly list under FS2004/Aircraft. The only ones I don't touch are the more
esoteric aircraft like PMDG that have installed through a proper
installation program - because I know if I try to uninstall it won't find
the original folder to delete.
I also have a habit of checking every aircraft I install by opening up the
aircraft.cfg file and looking at the UI_Manufacturer, UI_Type and
UI_Variation to make sure they look logical. For instance one user may put
UI_Manufacturer=De Havilland and another may use UI_Manufacturer=de
havilland (or just DH) and these will come up in your aircraft listing as
separate entries. It's a pain but sorting these out as you install gives you
a nice clean listing.
I can't recall if a program can do this more easily for you. I used to use
JAB2000 but this is no longer ideal for FS2004. It still works but it was
built before AI traffic appeared and so it disables all AI aircraft that
don't have panels (which is most as they don't need them). You could take a
look at FlightSim Manager by Ranasoft as it may do what you want. I put this
on my system a long time ago so I can't confirm it is still around.

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Does anyone know of a freeware utility that will wizz through my aircraft
folder and produce a list showing the folder, (and as listed in the FS
aircraft list), the manufacturer, and the aircraft model.
I'm afraid some of my folder names fall outside a sensible convention, maybe
its my fault, I should have re-named the folders to get consistency.
Frank T.

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