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I've kept the original JHB pack and that should (hopefully) still work in
the new system. I might have to dump the self installation routine and make
my own though as FPI spread the aircraft files across quite a few FS

The only ATOC Dash8 aircraft I have are the 100 series (DH8A) and 300 series
(DH8C). I've not seen a 400 model.


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Just a suggestion.

All JHB pilots, using Bones texture sets, make up a JHB fleet (currently

This should look good when several assembled at the same airport.

I already have several in my hanger now, but will be looking out for
aircraft for the rest, particularily the Airbus series(free if poss).

Bones, I have the Dash8-Q300, would the Q400 texture fit?

Frank F

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