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I would like to be disproved but I suspect not. Quite a few products now use
digital photo imaging (FS, Memory Map, Google Earth) but the source data
always comes back to two companies. Getmapping seem to be the main provider
of UK aerial photography imaging and sell this onto OS, Memory Map etc. 

Satellite data is used by many programs. I was going to quote Google Earth
here but GE actually uses data from a mixed variety of satellite and aerial
sources. I guess it may be possible to find free satellite data - I've been
hunting around on Google for a while now and not really coming up with any
useful answers. Trouble is the data may be of lower resolution that you may
want and not be current.


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Hi all,

I'm looking at updating my EGBB scenery and have already used google earth
images to allow me to more accurately place my taxiways/markings. Some of my
stuff is quite a way out! However what I would really like to do is place
photo scenery on the ground to make it more realistic. I can't use my google
earth images due to copyright (unless anyone knows any different) so I was
wondering whether anyone here knows of a source of aerial photography that I
could use legitimately?



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