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I'm not sure of the actual process FS users for ground scenery but I do know
that objects are only loaded when you pass into the range specified in the
design file. In fact there are two values, called V1 and V2, but this isn't
the time to go into the complexities of these. <g>
With some programs the V parameters are automatically set relative to the
size of the object designed but this isn't especially good. For airfields
there are a few small objects that you want to appear from quite a distance
(maybe a mile) but are only set to a hundred yards or so. However I think I
am digressing here.
I am sure that tile scenery works in a similar manner but what I can't tell
you is the loading range of these. I know if you fly over the VFGM photo
scenery it is visible right out to the horizon but how much further the
scenery loads is something I can't answer. I am sure that Mally would
though! Basically you can accept that it works on a load on demand basis
rather than loading every single scenery file you have in your folders.

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Can you tell me how FS9 deals with add on scenery files.  Reason for asking
is that I have downloaded a number of Italian files some of which are quite

Does FS9 load all the scenery it has when you start it up, or does it merely
take the bits it needs once you fire up a specific flight?  I assume it is
the latter hence the loading screens , but does this apply to add on scenery
as well?


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