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More news from AVSIM is that the monthly NavData updates for PMDG, FSNav,
Flight1, LevelD etc systems is not going to terminate. Although Stefan has
used the DAFIF data set in the past this public service will stop at the end
of this month.

For future releases NavData will use a data set from Navigraph. In some
respects this will actually be better than the DAFIF data. The bad news is
that the updates will no longer be free - and there isn't any news yet on
how much the updates will be. I download three sets of NavData for my
various softwares so I hope it will not work out too expensive.


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All -

There's yet another Service Update patch (SU5) now available from the usual
site http://sales.hifisim.com/ASv6/downloads.htm

Anybody else missing FPI as much as I am...?


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