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last night each time I tried to switch to London centre I found me self all alone [arr]
I then found in the connect box I had a pull down list,I clicked on the sever that London was on [THE BOTTOM LINE WAS ALREADY SHOWING LONDON_CRT or some such] then on he came load and clear
Tom Smith
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I tried this but it didn't work. I ran the setup and selected eu1 and eu2
servers for successive sessions but after double clicking an ATC position I
noticed the channel had gone back to eu.voice and required manual changing.

I also hit a problem that Mike mentioned in that the channel box wouldn't
accept the additional characters. This can be fixed if you use lower case.
With upper case the text swamps the box and limits what can be typed in.


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Rainer has posted a note in the Forum regarding voice channels which reads:


to achieve a correct connection of pilots use the voice servers as follows:








Using the adress eu.voice.fpi-net.net or us.voice.fpi-net.net will NOT
result in a correct voice connection.

The according software update is under developement. _________________
Rainer Raach

This is posted in the ATC pages, however I guess it is for both!

Kev T

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