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You are both unblocking and then blocking port 1035.  The block should be
501 to 1034.  A typo?


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People may remember that I suffered exactly this problem when starting on

I have Zone Alarm Pro and refer my current (working) settings below:

1 Go To the "Firewall" Tab.
2 With "Internet Security" slider set to Medium, hit the "Custom" button. 3
On the "Internet Zone" Tab, "High Security Settings" - ensure "Allow
broadcast/multicast" is ticked.
4 Farther down (bottom 4 options before "Medium Security Settings") Allow
In/out UDP and TCP Ports -
I have -  80, 1035-1500, 15000, 15201, 15400, 15810, 15850, 16850 in all 4
registers (Cut this and Paste)

This will allow all FPI info In and Out!, obviously Port 80 is for other
things (ftp upload etc)

I have also taken the precaution of blocking ports 1-79, 81-499, 501-1035,
1501-1700, 2000-9999, 20000-65000 in both UDP and TCP in the Medium Risk

I hope this hlps

Regards for the New Year to all.

Kev T

At 16:53 12/27/2005, you wrote:
>I have been trying to help a newcomer to FPI, Tom Isaac (G-TOMI), get
>setup sorted out so that he and other pilots can see each other. Tom has
>been "lurking" on FPI for a few weeks now, both as a pilot and a potential
>ATC, but has been unable to participate fully because of mutual
>invisibility.  I have spent a frustrating hour online with him this
>afternoon trying to get to the bottom of the problem but without
>success.  We can each see the other's radar echo on the FPI TCA screen,
>but no aircraft or tag on FS.  FPI voice is fine too.
>  I have a hunch that the problem could be related to Tom's firewall
> settings, but he uses ZA - with which I am not familiar.  His other
> important system specs are - Win XP + FS2004.
>Anyone out there with any bright ideas?  If so, please contact me in
>first instance and I'll put you and Tom in direct contact.
>Mike L

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