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I had v1.9f set up over a LAN but was getting no visuals (and not
transmitting vox but that was a mike problem, now resolved) so I assumed the
usual LAN issues were rearing their ugly head.  Took the plunge and removed
FPI and installed Express onto the FS Machine.  Just tried logging on at
LLET (where I currently am on my RTW) connected to server but voice client
would not connect it was looking for the old servers.

I Also don't like the FPI box open on the FS Machine so have just
uninstalled (including stripping the registry of any reference to ATOC).
I'm going to do a fresh LAN installation and will test this later this


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This has happened before and the last time it happened it was from one
server going out of sync with the others. I suspect this happened last night
and that one of the FPI servers retained old data which we then received.

Reading through endless threads on FPI the no see aircraft syndrome can be
caused by a variety of reasons from unhelpful ISP's to mixed installations.
Looks like I'll be doing a lot of testing today.


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An interesting, if rather puzzling and frustrating, FPI session last night.
There seem to be three issues here as far as I can see, which may or may not
be inter-related.

First is the new voice server arrangement, with eu-1 and eu-2 voice servers
- which unfortunately don't seem to activate correctly when a pilot double
clicks on the required ATC position.  As Bones observed after last week's
JHB FPI session, the pilot gets the eu-1 server while controllers get the
eu-2 server.  ServInfo shows two parallel channels for, say, EGTT_CTR - but
they cannot talk to each other.

Second is the invisibility problem which seems to be afflicting several
users at the moment - Bones, Tom Isaac and his son Paul.  I had hoped we'd
solved that with Kev and Paul R's experiences - obviously not.

Third is server lag.  I was not aware of any last night - FPI seemed to have
a pretty light load judging from ServInfo - but perhaps it can affect some
users while not affecting others.  AFAICR all of us last night were on the
same FPI server.

There may have been an additional complicating factor last night (which
resulted in the somewhat embarrassing screenshot which Bones took of
JHB010) - a system failure on my PC.  First off, all aircraft systems
suddenly failed for no apparent reason as I followed the GROVE1C STAR into
EGBB - this would be when Bones snapped me.  Seconds later, as I was about
to hit the panic button, FS froze on me.  These were definitely two distinct
and separate failures.  So I dropped out of the FPI session and reset using
Autosave, back to HON.  When I tried to rejoin FPI, I got the message from
FS2002 that I was already running a session.  I checked with ATC (Tom), who
confirmed that he had the correct radar echo for me.  Everything appeared OK
on my ATOC screen, although as far as FS2002 was concerned, I had NOT
reconnected to FPI. Thereafter I got ATOC TCAS echoes for JHB007 and G-PAUL
but no visual contact with either of them.

Confused??  I am ...

Mike L

Bones wrote:
> I've not flown in FPI for a good while so I thought I'd try it last
> night after seeing a couple of JHB pilots on ServInfo. Having lost my
> ATOC menu item in FS2004 after installing SB3 it was really a test to
> see if it would work properly - and it didn't.
> I'm not sure what the first problem was but every time I clicked to
> open the ATOC panel it threw up a box to say something about the
> server list not being found. If I hit any of the three buttons (I
> think Continue, Ignore or
> Cancel) FS would then lock solid.
> Somehow I got past that and, after waiting a good while, the ATOC box
> appeared (this is the full version rather than Express). Flight plan
> went in OK and the connection to the server was made with me getting
> all the connection bells and sounds. London Centre duly appeared in
> the ATC box as did Mike on TCAS but then things started to go a bit
> weird.
> I clicked on EGTT_CTR but, despite the correct voice server selection,
> it bunged me on the alternative channel. No great problem here as
> there was no adjacent traffic - just Mike about 10nm west and
> downwind. I hopped on to rwy 33 and took off, turning west at 500ft.
> The rapid turn was made because the TCAS target on Mike jumped from
> 10nm west of EGBB to 15nm on final for 15 so I wanted to get out of
> the way quickly..
> In fact all this data was wrong.
> The aircraft on final was indeed Mike but apparently not 15nm out but
> a lot closer. Only a few minutes earlier he'd shown up about 10nm west
> but again this was a false signal. Odder still was that I could still
> see him visually 10nm east! On flying towards the visual aircraft I
> found Mike frozen in space in a very undignified attitude - see
> http://www.homepages.mcb.net/bones/FS-Images/JHB010.gif - but Mike was
> actually on the ground at Birmingham.
> After turning back to the airport, now talking to Tom at London
> Centre, I should have seen Mike and also G-PAUL who had taken off from
> Coventry. No visual contact on either but they did show up on TCAS.
> After landing at Brum and talking to Tom for a while I then slewed
> over to EGNX to see if Paul might show up - but he didn't. He was
> there on TCAS and also appeared on the airfield plate in ATOC but
> there was no sign at all of the visual model - and he couldn't see me
> either.
> This is very similar to Tom's recent problem but there are some
> further clues. First I have all ports open and I know so because
> they've worked in the past. Second is that although I saw no active
> traffic I saw Mike frozen on my screen. Why this and not the rest? And
> why a target which was certainly not current but a left over frozen
> from about 15 min earlier? A final puzzle was why was the TCAS data so
> incorrect? Sounds like server lag but no-one else had this..
> The live screen traffic works differently to the rest of the ATOC data
> and it is this part which requires the FS2004 multiplayer option to be
> activated. It could be a fault in this module but I now doubt it from
> seeing Mike on screen. I suspect it is back to a setup problem in ATOC
> in that I'm not talking to their servers properly. It is possible that
> Mike was in that position as I logged in, got captured and then my AI
> link failed.
> Whatever the problem it looks like it may be a while before it is
> tracked down.
> bones
> bones@xxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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