[jhb_airlines] Re: ATOC Problem; Again

  • From: "Bones" <bones@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 06:30:55 +0100

I found this file and deleted it without any problem.

My guess - and it's not a nice one so I hope I am wrong - is that part =
the ATOC system (or FS) on your machine is loading on boot up. It might =
worth rechecking your system to see what is loading on boot up to see if
you've been lumbered with some TSR's that are not really needed.

There are a few ways of doing this. You can load MSConfig (mine is in
WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries\msconfig.exe) and click on the Startup =
to see what is being loaded. However MSConfig doesn't show all the boot =
processes - only those in the Windows Registry under

You could also try EndItAll to see if that spots the problem - but I'm =
sure if it lists any active DLL files.

Another option is to open the Task manager and see if any ATOC software =
shown in the processes list. Again this lists tends to show exe files =
than the DLL's..

Finally there is the good old MSInfo (Program Files\Common =
Shared\MSInfo\msinfo32.exe) if you can be patient when the various =
load up. It's a lot more detailed than the earlier Win98 offering (a bit =
detailed in some areas) but it might be worth running. On a side note it =
be worth looking at the Components section to see if it is showing any
errors about your monitor/card problems. See the Problem Devices =
Back onto ATOC go to the MSInfo Software Environment section and click =
the Loaded Modules line. This really will show up all loaded DLL files - =
it's frightening just how many there are these days..

I must admit that I'm neurotic about services and programs that are
triggered to start automatically on boot up and I've disabled a heck of =
lot of them (probably too many). My Start Menu, Startup section has just =
items in it and I really ought to remove the MS Office one (OSA.exe) as =
not really necessary. In fact I rarely use EndIt All these days as I =
have so
few background tasks ever open - excepting those I've actually loaded
myself. Anyway, I digress...

I don't think it's an FS problem because the DLL's in the FS Modules =
only load when you start FS. This ATOC DLL isn't in that folder though =
so it
suggests that it may be loading because of a specific command to run one =
the ATOC services. The only two that I would cast suspicion on would be =
ATOC Setup routine or the ATOC Voice Client as these are the only =
that can be triggered separately from the usual ATOC access from within =


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> BTW, there's an apparently indestructible file, named=20
> AtocSocketControl.dll. Attempts to=20
> re instal FPI produce error messages. Even a Control Panel=20
> removal leaves bits that=20
> defy re instal. Removing all but that one file is easy, The=20
> culp[rit defies removal. I move=20
> it out of the way, onto the Desktop, then try to delete it.=20
> Failure. I re name, then try=20
> again. It won't go. Tried moving it to the Recycle Bin; same=20
> result. Always produces a=20
> message to the effect that it's in use; even when I'm not=20
> running any programmes at all!
> Gerry Winskill
> gwinsk@xxxxxxx
> On 8 Oct 2004 at 17:40, gwinsk@xxxxxxx wrote:
> > Finally starting to emerge from the two day trauma of getting my=20
> > system to work again, I've been rehit with another problem.=20
> When I try=20
> > to access any part of the ATOC menu, from FS9, both ATOC and the PC=20
> > hang. I've done re installs, re downloaded etc; no joy. Any=20
> flashes of=20
> > inspiration will be gratefully received. Meanwhile, I'm=20
> tring to get=20
> > Leadtek or Novatech to reply to my complaints of graphics card=20
> > failure, after only two months.
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> > Gerry Winskill
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