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AVC is definitely unreliable then. Using ASRC out of the tin and going by
the web page instructions, I first connected to as it says you
should. Nobody could hear me on this at first and with further fiddling I
finally got to chat to Frank and Tom but with other aircraft around at the
same time that never heard me at all.

The reason they don't use intercom is that when you set up an IC channel you
have to specify the voice room and the server. Because their servers don't
cross connect like FPI's it means that you have to know the server the other
controller is using before you can set the button up. Not too bad you may
think but then someone else takes over at EGCC_N_CTR and he's on a different
server - so your buttons no longer work unless you reprogram them! Why they
don't all agree to use just the one server I don't know - but I'm beginning
to see that organisation regarding the use of ASRC is still sadly lacking
and that everyone has got it working by their own trail and error (or by
asking a mate what his settings are). I confess that this isn't good for a
newcomer who will get rapidly lost in knowing what to do.

I can understand their problem though. As a system gets bigger it becomes
more complex and the paperwork expands exponentially. It then becomes a
nightmare just keeping this up to date - even worse for an ATC system that
is changing monthly. They've made incredible steps in getting all the
current procedures down on the web site but the poor guy doing this is not
keeping up - only some essential pages are showing the latest data and some
are being forgotten (the IoM page still shows the text I wrote two years

An example is the recent Manchester Sector reshuffle. This is clearly shown
in the Manchester Centre pages but all the individual airfield pages need
rewriting too because each contains the handover procedures. A poor newbie
who just wants to start controlling at Barrow will therefore read the EGNL
pages and get the wrong end of the stick because his info is incorrect.

I'm not having a moan here as I know all too well that keeping the docs up
to date is a job I would not wish on my worst enemy. I was responsible for
the MATS Part II and the Training Manual at Ronaldsway and it was an
'orrible job - some pages were changing almost weekly. Trying to bring the
changes to everyone's attention was another problem as controllers didn't
really want to read through the whole Manual each time they came on duty! In
the end I created a sort of AIRAC for our local docs showing the most recent
changes.. But that was then another thing to keep updated. An ever
descending spiral!

If you are doing some training it's no problem for me to switch servers. Not
all the UK controllers log in to UK1 - I notice some use Europe-CW.


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I had the following from Ruth McTighe which contradicts to some
degree, you conversation with Chris Barham.

ASRC uses AVC as its voice module.  The UK1 server
can be used by controllers or pilots in exactly the same way as
all the other servers - it just seems to be a bit more unreliable
than most of the other servers so some of us tend not to use it.
There is a choice of about 7 different voice servers, controllers
tend to choose one and stick to it, because we have all thge
frequencies and voice channels saved in ASRC.  What most of us
don't do is use the voice capabilities of ASRC for direct
controller to controller communications (intercom) because some
users find they can't get it to work.  In the UK we use TeamSpeak
instead, or stick to text.

Hope I haven't added to the confusion!

As an aside, my experiements with FSNet need the P2 pilot to use
Roger Wilco to connect to the voice server so he can hear ATC and
be the radio operator as usually happens in 2 pilot ops. It has
to be RW, because AVC will not work as a stand alone voice
client.  P1 uses SB3 in the normal way.  UK-1 will not accept
access except via a Vatsim login, so if a controller is using
UK-1, P1 can do the radio as normal, but P2 won't be able to.

For that reason alone, might I persuade you not to use UK-1, so
that if I want to do some training at Ronaldsway when you are on,
my student can use the radio.

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