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It may be like a couple of other Paypal funded recent purchases. Despite withdrawing the sum from my account the same day, by direct debit, Paypal told the supplier my cheque would take a week to clear. At the end of the week they sent him an Echeque, which gave the supplier the excuse to wait a further week, until that cleared. So much for the speed of internet trading. Another downside I've experienced is suppliers who, though paid by credit card, don't hold stocks and don't order from their suppliers until they have the cash. This always seems to me to be a sign they have cashflow problems. I recently bought a couple of dessicant Drybags, from the Halfords site. They took a month to arrive, despite paying by Visa.

OTOH, yesterday I ordered a couple of present destined car products, from the Renovo site. Ten minutes later I received an email to say the goods had been desptched!

Gerry Winskill

Paul Reynolds wrote:

Has it not arrived yet?

If you've received your paypal notification of the monies transferred then
chase it up, my order took less than an hour!


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A happy ending I hope.

After trying to isolate the problem by connecting an MP3 storage device
to this, my non FS PC, via the various components normally stuck on the
FS PC, the solution surfaced. It turned out to be a failed powered USB2
7 Port Hub. All the correct lights were flashing but the Chinese device
was clearly in a state of terminal duffness.

I've substituted an unused USB2 4 Port Hub and all is now OK. Its
failure must have coincided with trying WideFS, though the latest
version of FSUIPC does promise almost identical symptoms from its
registered version, caused by FSX bug and firewall plus antiviral progs.

BTW, I've read somewhere that connecting USB 1.1 devices to an USB 2
socket slows everything on that socket down to 1.1 speeds. But, are the
GF modules identifiably 1.1 or do they just take advantage of the
avialable transfer speed?

Now it's all working again I'm free to risk b...ering it up when the reg
keys arrive.

Gerry Winskill

Alex - Reheat.org wrote:

Hi Gerry,

It is quite common for the USB controller to become corrupted in XP,
however most users dont normally notice it as they just unplug, put it
back in and it works again. However with multiple input interfaces
this doesnt always work.

I would recommend re-installing the USB drivers, these are stored in
your i386 folder in XP (or on the disk depending on your install
options) To uninstall first you'd need to go into the device manager
and find your USB controller(s) and uninstall from there (preferable
in safe mode)

Worth trying, I normally end up doing it several times a year as I
often put any combination of devices in different ports whenever I
plug them in (a big no no in XP as it assigns a driver to a specific
port for a specified device)

All the best,


Gerry Winskill wrote:

Suddenly, in either FS9 or FSX, my GF yoke, pedals and some of the
other switches don't seem to be working.
I've tried a Restore, to a couple of days ago. Fearing the
installation, but not registration, of FSUIPC 4 and WideFS, I've
uninstalled them.
The only other thing that I can think of is that the USB connection
route is corrupted. Is this possible?

Gerry Winskill

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