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It sounds more like the assignments have somehow got mixed up Fred.
Braking is usually set to pedals with both swivel and pivot actions - like
the CH set. You have to make sure that the YAW axis is set correctly to the
swivel action (yours seems to have got mapped to brakes) and that braking is
assigned to the pivot action. I can't explain how to set this up as my set
are an oddity with yaw calibration being part of the stick properties and
only braking set up with the rudder pedal properties.
The mixture is odd and the only thing I can think of is that it has somehow
got mapped to Slew. When the aircraft starts spinning round does the red
SLEW box appear on screen?

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Hi Alex, With regards to the info you sent to Gerry about problems with
pedals and yokes.I've had problems with my P+Y from six months past in that
when using rudder pressure it kept registering as braking and when moving
mixture control at start before T/O it just sends the aircraft going round
in circles and no response to yoke or pedal action.Now if I connect them to
a friend's computer the P+Y work OK.The P+Y are CH products.Do you reckon
I've got a similar problem as Gerry's?  Fred

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Hi Gerry, 

It is quite common for the USB controller to become corrupted in XP, however
most users dont normally notice it as they just unplug, put it back in and
it works again. However with multiple input interfaces this doesnt always

I would recommend re-installing the USB drivers, these are stored in your
i386 folder in XP (or on the disk depending on your install options) To
uninstall first you'd need to go into the device manager and find your USB
controller(s) and uninstall from there (preferable in safe mode) 

Worth trying, I normally end up doing it several times a year as I often put
any combination of devices in different ports whenever I plug them in (a big
no no in XP as it assigns a driver to a specific port for a specified

All the best, 


Gerry Winskill wrote: 

Suddenly, in either FS9 or FSX, my GF yoke, pedals and some of the other
switches don't seem to be working. 
I've tried a Restore, to a couple of days ago. Fearing the installation, but
not registration, of FSUIPC 4 and WideFS, I've uninstalled them. 
The only other thing that I can think of is that the USB connection route is
corrupted. Is this possible? 

Gerry Winskill 

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