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You may remember the incident. The aircraft was landing at East Midlands and
summat went wrong. He hit the ground to the side of the runway and decided
to go around - not realising the aircraft's right main gear had been torn
off plus other collateral damage. He diverted to Brum where the video was
filmed from the police chopper. It clearly shows the damage to the root of
the wing.

Good filming there and I guess by a spotter as he zoomed right onto the
registration. <g>


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Wonder if they'd practiced that on the simulator?

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>Whisky always works best.
>In the meantime have a look at this
>You didn't get it from me..
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>You wouldn't believe it's so difficult to spend money.
>I'm trying to purchase FSUIPC and WideFS. To do that I'm routed to
>SimMarket. When I try to register there is no listed option for the
>IOM. If I leave it out it defaults to Avon. After that it rejects my
>credit card details, presumably because I don't live in Avon. If I
>follow the Contact button, to ask someone, anyone, to sort it out, then
>it assumes all intelligent questions are answered in their FAQ pages.
>No email address is provided. If I try to follow a link to Pete Dowson,
>to ask him how I can give him money, then I'm routed to one of his
>forums. Attempts to post to that fail because it says my password is
>wrong. I opt to be reminded of my password, since I can't recall when
>last I visited this forum but it must be about ten years ago. I'm asked
>for my email address....... When I provide it I'm informed it's not the
>correct address for my user name. Of course it isn't, I changed ISP
>some years ago.
>Can anyone think of a way of breaking out of the spiral    PLEASE?
>Gerry Winskill

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