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It's too nice not to share!

I can't remember if I mentioned it in my JHB posts so everyone excuse me if
I repeat myself. Mike Brook has made a very nice repaint of the HNAC Airbus
A300-605R and I have added it to the collection. If you like it and are
thinking of getting the aircraft just make sure you grab Harald's 605
variant as he has also produced both 603 and 622 models as well.

That brings the Airbus repaints up to three with the A320 and A340 already
done. I've not yet repainted an A310 but does anyone use one? I have the
HNAC A310-203 and could rustle up a repaint of it if there is any demand.

Are there any aircraft regularly used by the team that could do with a JHB
makeover or are your regular steeds already catered for?


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Thanks John for putting up my A300 on your Aircraft page <g>

Mike Brook

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