[jhb_airlines] A slight diversion.

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  • Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 17:16:09 +0100

I've been busy over the last few days and I thought you might like to see
what else I've been up to.


The above is a picture of the ADSB traffic flying over the UK during the
last hour. I picked the data up on my SBS receiver and have recorded the
last hour or so whilst writing the JHB emails. The recording can be played
back in real time but, here's the clever bit, someone has written a script
to export the recorded data into KML files that can be loaded into Google

The picture you see is actually the Google Earth program with the flight
paths overlaid on the UK. These are in full 3D and you can tilt down and see
the vertical profile too!

If you have Google Earth and want to look at the tracks then just grab

You can extract the KML files to any folder. Launch GE and then either open
each file in turn or go to the folder you put them in, select the lot and
click on Open (this will take a while to read all the files in).

The flight filename also includes the flight number so one the tracks in the
picture include BAW189, TCX427K, AFR2269, MON5604, EZY777, MYT634 and many

The data can't be ported into Google Earth in real time yet as the Kinetic
BST recording file cannot be accessed whilst it is being written to - but
this will change. Once the recording becomes open the data could be ported
to many applications - FS being a distinct possibility. I'm not sure if GE
reads KML files that are constantly updating either but it would be
fascinating to watch!



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