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I'm glad I set out to look at this gauge; the flight was very enjoyable.
The wind dictated 06L at Manchester, with realistic raindrops spread across the three screens and very familiar landmarks passing below. First Walerscote Work's chimney, outside Northwich. Then Knutsford coming up, with Tatton park's lake clearly to be seen. With 06 lights starting to appear, into view comes Styal Milll, beyond which we used to live. It didn't belch black smoke then but such is the power of FS that now it does! Turning off the rwy I'm always struck by how lifelike are the GS buildings, just off the field. The pub is just like the real thing; someone will remind me but the name has something to do with the Parachute Regiment, based at Ringway, for training, during the War. No sooner on the blocks than the catering truck pulls alongside and the tug and generator park in front. All this and the superior Horizon version of the photoscenery appears later this week.

Never had it so good has a ring to it!

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:

sSorry for the delay but I'm having to fly it to check. At EGAC, with real weather loaded, it was flashing STANDARD at me. Press B to load the correct pressure; still flashing. Press the centre of the knob once and it stops flashing and displays the correct 29.50 QNH, since I've left it set to inches.

With IOM at 17 dme I pass through 18000' and the 29.50 starts to flash. I change to 29.92 with the GF's controller and it accepts the new value but continues to flas. I press the centre of the knob and the display changes to a non flashing STANDARD. That appears in the PFD also. Level off at 21000, then reduce the figure to 15000'. As the ac passes through 18000 the STANDARD starts to flash, reminding me to change to qnh. If I now press the knob again it changes to display 29.92 but will now accept the actual QNH. So, not perfect but a good memory prodder. What it needs is the facillity to feed in the appropriate TL.

Hope that describes it reasonably logically.

It's actually a very good panel in various respects. One function that grabs me is the Autothrottle. Perfectly normal; well, not quite. If you're using Autothrottle with a speed entered and selected then, just like all the others, if you waggle the manual throttle about it has ne effect. If you close the throttle then there's a warning beep and the Autothrottle disengages. I like it.

Gerry Winskill

Are you sure the gauge doesn't just tell you what datum you are using on your sub scale is? On some aircraft there is a switch that flicks between 1013.2 and QNH but I don't think it can be triggered to change automatically. OTOH if Frank builds his own Altitude Alert gauge then this could be used to trigger the switch operation. It would need two gauges though: Alt Alert gauge could have TA dialled in and then: A:INDICATED ALTITUDE(feet) <= dialled alt should trigger the switch to 1.
A:INDICATED ALTITUDE(feet) > dialled alt should trigger the switch to 0.
This switch could be an invisible gauge that sets the Barometric Sub Scale to QNH for 1 and 1013.2 for 0. bones

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        One of the FS9 panels has just such a gauge. It indicates
        whether you're
        on standard or QNH.

        Gerry Winskill

    I'd be interested if I knew where to look.......
         Frank T.

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