[jhb_airlines] Re: A question of altitude

  • From: "Andrew Berry" <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 09:15:36 -0000

Unfortunately it always has been part of the code that it goes off at
18,000ft, an annoying problem but bearable I guess. If you've ever not
changed it by the time you pass 18,000ft (when climbing) in FS9 you get a
nice warning saying you need to reset to 29.92. Not sure if FSX is the same,
haven't really tried that yet.





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Subject: [jhb_airlines] A question of altitude


My brain woke up this morning with a wizzo idea to help decrepit pilots like
me, why not a cockpit indicator which warned you that you were passing
through the transistion level and need to reset the altitude gauge?


I searched through the FSX variable list looking for something like
transition level, but failed. I then had a quick hunt through the FSX events
list, and found -


Barometric - Syncs altimeter setting to sea level pressure, or 29.92 if
above 18,000 feet.


From that I assume that the transition level is hard wired into the code at
18,000 feet.


OK for the USA I guess.


Frank T. 

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