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Hi Kev,

Thanks for that, I think I was already swayed but I'm now definately going
to purchase.


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Hi Phil,

PMDG used the 800-900 release to complete the programming of the 737. This
was at a time when 2004 came about with its change to Gmax/HTML so it
enabled more systems and greater accuracy. (PMDG's experience with the
"Fly" sim, has enabled programming within the panel to expand the
capability of FS2004, particularly with the 747).

You are right - you get the 2 extra models. I'm not sure if any of the
earlier models had winglets. Completely new Flight model too.
You get the complete FMC which I think was missing from the early package.
Different company variants (in glass cockpit choice).
System optimization, along with many graphic improvements, all switches,
and much of the VC modified (I don't use the VC)
Virtual cabin for use with Active Camera although I think this is still
Load Manager added, and Cockpit audio was improved also.

TCAS is standard with the 800-900 release, there is a realistic test
routine with pass announcement, It certainly works well with AI with
audible warnings and the PFD and ND show danger vectors and safe areas,
each contact is colour coded and labelled in relative height. I can't
confirm personally that it works online, as I've been unable to see other
aircraft on my FS machine, can't get the Port routing to work through my 2
machine network, but I have heard no reports to the contrary! If you see
other FPI aircraft within FSNav multiplayer then there's no reason to
suppose it won't work well. I think the quality of the product (and that of
the 747-400) ensures this.

I would recommend the purchase, but as always am wary of spending other
peoples money<g>  prepare yourself though, once confident in all the
systems you will want for the "Queen" which is almost second mortgage

Best wishes

burning the midnight oil on the 747

At 22:35 8/23/2005, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I've got the 737NG 600-700 series but was wondering whether the upgrade to
>the 800-900 series was worth the money?  For those with the upgrade, do you
>get anything other than the 2 diffeent variant models (and associated
>paintjobs) or is there more to it than that?
>Phil Reynolds

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