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Navaids tend to have two or three letter idents, airfields have four and
fixes have five. If this was intentional it was a clever idea. As your NDB
codes are four letters I automatically think of airfields.


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I'd overlooked that one.

The refference to FACT is caused by missinterpreting the Farm Strip's
NDB code as it's airfield code. The field codes emanate from Bones'
database of all known UK airfields, strips and gliding sites. Since the Farm
NDBs are essentially non existant, I assign them myself.
All start with F, for farm. The other three letters may have some
connection with the strip name. Hence, FACT, far from being on the
veldte, is the NDB that really isn't at ..........er, I can't remember.
I do recall flying past it in the last few days, as spotted on the
Garmin. I do hope I don't now have blokes leaping out of the undergrowth
and claiming I'm Lobby Ludd. For those too young to remember who that
is, perhaps Tom will fill you in.

Gerry Winskill

bones wrote:

>FA is specific to RSA but the F block allocation is for Southern
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>Did not know Spg of avgas, so had to assume same, for a rough
>Correction FSWB should have read X1CG, I read the NDB code!!!
>Still cannot rub my tummy and pat my head while swigging a glass of
>As a point, I thought SA codes were FA (Cape Town is FACT)

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