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  • Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 20:58:27 +0100

If the same, oil wouldn't float on water. Much worse; condensed water wouldn't sink to the bottom of a fuel tank, so that we can drain it off. Worse still, the solubillity increases with temperature, so, on a hot day there may well be water in solution, just waiting to turn into water, even ice, at the lower temperatures of cruise altitude.

I do hope I don't remember any of this on my next commercial flight....actually, in jets it doesn't matter as much, because of the high flowrates and absence of carburettors.

Back to my hobby horse. With the CAA's remit being for air safety, and their statistics showing the high percentage of accidents down to carb icing, how can they issue mandatory notes on all sorts of things but continue to certify carburetted aircraft engines. It's back to Bones' hobby horse...you don't find new cars with anything but fuel injection, so why don't new aircraft have to conform to this advance?

When a number of Japanese bikes became susceptible to carb icing, they had to have recalls, to eliminate the possibillity. In aircraft it's still deemed to be the fault of the pilot, for not reading the CAA literature, determining whether carb icing is likely, then trying tp prevent it happening. It's bizarre!

Falls off hobby horse and goes for stiff drink

Gerry Winskill

franklyn fisher wrote:


Did not know Spg of avgas, so had to assume same, for a rough calculation.

Correction FSWB should have read X1CG, I read the NDB code!!!
Still cannot rub my tummy and pat my head while swigging a glass of water.

As a point, I thought SA codes were FA (Cape Town is FACT)


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