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As it does in real life.

The recent accident at Sandown has raised this issue again with suggestions
that the PA28-140 was overweight. This is unwanted speculation but the truth
is that a PA28 with four on board can be badly overweight if the tanks are
more than half full - more so if there is luggage on board.

At MAUW a PA28 needs about 1100ft take off run in ISA conditions so, for
shorter runways, load needs to come down a lot. If it is a hot day then it
just makes things worse as Density Altitude is against you.


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If you go to Aircraft, Fuel and Load, Change fuel, it usually gives
capacity and weight in Lbs as well. If you start with full tanks just
subtract what's in, from Capacity. In farm strips it pays not to carry
excessive amounts, so fuel weught at startup has had to go on my checklist.

Gerry Winskill

franklyn fisher wrote:

> If you opt for Lbs as units then the minimum value of 5 isn't a
> problem.
> OK, then I will still need to convert from Litres to Lbs.
> FF

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