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Could you also use litres too?

5 Imp Gal is about 22.7L
5 US Gal is about 19L


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I must confess to fiddling the Pirep!
When I checked the fuel used, by the Rotax engined Lionceau, after the
first two trips, I couldn't believe them. I was about to increase its
fuel consumtion, using Fuel_Scalar= . Twelve pounds didn't seem enough
for a 30 minute flight. Instead I dug out my GA mags and looked for a
couple of Rotax engined Microlights. At normal cruise speed, they "sip"
fuel at a rate that converts to about 35 lbs per hour.
If you opt for Lbs as units then the minimum value of 5 isn't a problem.

Gerry Winskill

bones wrote:

> Oddly enough this debate is going on in Prune right now.
> Cessna have just launched a new aircraft  - the C162 Skycatcher - and
> nice looking it is too. Basically a C150 on diet pills. See
> http://www.cessnaskycatcher.com/ for piccies - especially the cockpit
> shots.
> It looks a nice modern aircraft, but Cessna have decided that the
> engine to go in it is the venerable O-200-A, built in 1948 and about
> as basic as a mangle. The Prune debate is hotting up with most of the
> battle raging around Cessna's concern for public liability being the
> reason why they shied away from new, fuel efficient designs - old
> engines predate the laws and are exempt.
> I tend to agree in that GA design has evolved very slowly in the last
> 30 years whereas any other form of transport hasn't allowed PL to
> significantly affect development. The engine in your car is so much
> more advanced than a basic aero engine - the O-200A still has a carb
> and magnetos instead of fuel injection and electric ignition. This
> makes it liable to carb icing and magneto failure with both being
> mechanical devices with wear and tear being additional problems.
> If they had banged an O-200-A in with electric ignition and fuel
> injection I would have considered it a step forward..
> bones
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>     The local flying club issued planning tables for their C-152 fleet
>     Gives:
>     Full power climb = 8.7 GPH
>     Cruise = 4.2GPH
>     So if we take a typical VFR flight from Shoreham to Lydd on a
>     sunny summer day =
>     10 minutes at full power =1.45 Gallons
>     30 mins in the cruise and decending = 2.34 Gallons
>     Plus a bit for farting about = 1.00 Gallon
>     Gives 3.791 Gallons all used.
>     Perhaps an email suggestion to IVAO to bring the minimum down? or
>     I guess they just don't have many VA's on VFR ops!
>     All the best,
>     Alex
>     Assuming a quick 5 minute climb
>     franklyn fisher wrote:
>>     As a matter of interest.
>>     I was flying a C172SP cruising 100 (cannot get the damn thing up
>>     to the rated 120).
>>     Departure X2BS to FSWB (Binstead-Swanborough)= 44nm.
>>     Recorded fuel in tank, before departure and at arrival, 19L used
>>     =4 Gallons rough translation.
>>     Could not get Pirep to accept L or less than 6G
>>     Next flight from FSWB to Clipgate.
>>     A slip of the keys. I think I uprated Chris from C2 to C3. hit
>>     the send button too soon.
>>     FF

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