[jhb_airlines] Re: 19/10 FPI

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  • Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 23:41:04 +0100

Aaaah!  Being looked at in CAPITAL LETTERS.  I know that problem well.
For the last seven odd weeks I've been totally committed to COMPLETE
conversions of two whole bathrooms and a cloakroom,  Every minute of
every day etc etc.  There have been MANY occasions when I've been looked
at in CAPITAL LETTERS.  But now it is (almost) all finished.  I have
scored so MANY brownie points (you would not believe) and was 'allowed'
to join in tonight's session (albeit briefly <g>).  It is nice to be


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> Not just you either. Sometimes the ATC channel can be busy
> and I respond to
> aircraft calls too late (and sometimes the aircraft channel
> is so busy it's
> hard to co-ordinate handovers with other ATC units). For some
> reason either
> luck or bad timing saw more than a few of these last night
> and I apologise
> if I sounded distracted when talking to some of you.
> Apologies also to John who sat at Gatwick for hours doing
> nothing and then
> got all the traffic at the end. However it's not that for
> which I apologise
> but my premature departure from the session without saying
> goodnight. I was
> intending to stay on and see Denis and Steve's Constellation
> land but got
> dragged away to deal with a minor domestic problem (blown
> fuse) which, I was
> politely told, needed my IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. One cannot
> argue when being
> looked at in capital letters..
> bones
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> Alastair -
> My apologies for not fully acknowledging your call at the end of this
> evening's session.  You popped up in my right ear just as
> John was giving me
> landing clearance in my left ear <G>.  My brain simply
> couldn't cope!  Good
> session, it's nice to be back...
> MikeB
> JHB193

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