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  • Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 23:29:19 +0100

Not just you either. Sometimes the ATC channel can be busy and I respond to
aircraft calls too late (and sometimes the aircraft channel is so busy it's
hard to co-ordinate handovers with other ATC units). For some reason either
luck or bad timing saw more than a few of these last night and I apologise
if I sounded distracted when talking to some of you.

Apologies also to John who sat at Gatwick for hours doing nothing and then
got all the traffic at the end. However it's not that for which I apologise
but my premature departure from the session without saying goodnight. I was
intending to stay on and see Denis and Steve's Constellation land but got
dragged away to deal with a minor domestic problem (blown fuse) which, I was
politely told, needed my IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. One cannot argue when being
looked at in capital letters..


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Alastair -

My apologies for not fully acknowledging your call at the end of this
evening's session.  You popped up in my right ear just as John was giving me
landing clearance in my left ear <G>.  My brain simply couldn't cope!  Good
session, it's nice to be back...


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