Re: yahoo mail and Jaws

  • From: "Sameer" <salatey@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 19:53:59 +0530

I am a regular user of Yahoo Mail and use it online. When composing mail,
sometimes JAWS will not read the previously typed words and this creates
problems. Reading mail is not a problem.

I have set place markers on the Mail link on the yahoo homepage and also on
the links for Inbox and Bulk folders. When a mail folder is open, pressing x
(for check boxes) from the top of the page  places the focus in the checkbox
to select/unselect all messages. From there, standard table navigation
commands can be used to access the list of mails.

When a mail is opened, pressing T from the top of the page will place the
cursor in either the From field or the subject field. I arrow down to read
the mail.

My Yahoo ID is salatey@xxxxxxxxx

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From: "Rosemarie Chavarria" <knitqueen2005@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: yahoo mail and Jaws

Hi, everyone.  I just created an email account with yahoo as well as the one
I have with verizon.  I'm on several different lists but here's my question.
Does anybody on this list have a yahoo email address and how do you read
yahoo mail?  Thank you for your help in advance--and happy new year to

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