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  • Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 18:45:24 -0500

My advice is to get someone sighted to help you get outlook and your comcast email back up and running again. I have had a lot of trouble when using web mail through verizons web service. When I sent an email through it the fields like the from field, or the subject field would not be spoken right with Jaws. For example when I sent an email to a friend using the verizon web mail service the to field and the subject field would say edit instead to or the subject field.

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Subject: with JAWS

On my computer I have my comcast account coming through Outlook; however, my computer crashed. Now I have to try to get my e mail through on other computers, until I can get my computer fixed.

I am having lots of problems with this website. I can get to my list of unread emails and I check the field before the e mail and bring up the application key. I usually just want to delete the e mail. The delete key on the application key list says unavailable. Can anyone tell me how to delete the emails that I don't want?

I am using JFW version 10.

Eileen La Fond
Phone number: (206) 386-0011
email: eileen.lafond@xxxxxxxxxxx
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