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I have used a couple of Logitech wireless keyboards.  Note that Logitech ends 
with ch not a k, as it was spelled in another message.  I'm not familiar with 
their newest keyboards.  My newest one is 5 years old, and the other one is 9 
years old.  Both still work fine, and since they can be set to different 
channels, they don't interfere when I use them on different computers.  Looking 
on their web site, I notice that they also have number pads, but I don't have 
any experience with them.

I agree with the other lister that suggested a cordless headset.  In addition 
to being able to work further away from her computer, she may not want others 
to hear JAWS speech.  You might also check out the Logitech offerings for this 
type of headset.

Gary King

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  I'm looking to source a wireless numpad and keyboard (or something better) 
for a student who uses JAWS. She is doing a postgraduate diploma in law which 
focuses largely on practice. She wants to be able to work at a distance from 
her laptop, as she will be involved in interviewing and presentations. She 
would like to be able to review prepared materials whilst working in this mode. 


  Numpad: I was thinking that a single document could be navigated by Numpad 
and so a document of prepared notes could be managed in this way. Does anyone 
know of a good wireless NumPad for JAWS users. Must have INS key and allow 
keystroke combinations.


  Keyboard: Does anyone know of a good wireless keyboard for JAWS users. Should 
have Function keys available without need to use Fn switch.


  Anyone know of anything better?




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