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Ylisha,  I don't know about the windows but I've created documents on previous 
computers with other systems and the best way to preserve your document is to 
copy and paste it into a new word document.  Exit out of the old document and 
save the new document by the same name.  Jaws will ask you if you want to 
replace the existing document with the new one and just enter on yes.  Good 
luck, Judith
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  Hello, Everyone:

  I am using JAWS 7.0 and Word 2003. When I open a document that has been 
previously created and try to arrow down the document one line at a time JAWS 
does not read the document correctly. There will be pauses in speech and 
sometimes the words are partially read as if there is a window on the screen. I 
was told that the daughter window and the main window in Word has to be 
maximized for the document to read correctly. What does this mean?

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