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  • Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 17:58:14 -0700

You may be using Norton, which causes problems with Word; somebody else can elaborate if you are indeed using Norton, as I won't use those products.  As far as the parent and child windows are concerned, with Word open, hit alt-space, then x.  Next hit alt-hyphen, x.  Also, hit alt-v.  You should hear the phrase "normal checked."  If all you hear is "normal" hit enter. 

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Hello, Everyone:
I am using JAWS 7.0 and Word 2003. When I open a document that has been previously created and try to arrow down the document one line at a time JAWS does not read the document correctly. There will be pauses in speech and sometimes the words are partially read as if there is a window on the screen. I was told that the daughter window and the main window in Word has to be maximized for the document to read correctly. What does this mean?
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