Re: what is best way to learn JAWS and the pc as a total newbie?

  • From: "Lois Goodine" <al415@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2009 07:46:06 -0800

Though it is difficult for one who has no prior knowledge of computers, the Jaws training sessions, downloadable from the FS site, is one of the best ways to learn everything, and get started from scratch because they teach one's way around PC use and Jaws use simultaneously. This is also the least expensive route. Teachers need to be paid for their time and knowledge. Also, National Braille Press has had some very good books on computer usage that are very comprehensive. Trouble there is, the last thorough one they published is on XP. They have only keystroke charts for Vista after that. You might check out NLS and other audio book sources for things like "Computers for Dummies", etc. But they will not be much help to a blind person just getting started. Again, the Jaws material is good because their tutorials are aimed specifically at the blind user who needs to learn something about the computer at the same time he's learning how to make it work. Just some thoughts on this matter by one who had to do it that way. Someone came to my home and set up my first computer, installed Jaws, and showed me how to turn the machine on and off. Then I was totally on my own with a package of six cassette tapes. So I dug in with much trepidation at first, following instructions to the letter and calling FS to ask beginners' questions when I got stuck. After I began to understand the internet, I found out where I could ask questions on lists, and found helpful books and tutorials

Hope thie helps.
Lois Goodine..
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