Re: want help with headers in Word 2000

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Thanks for this link.  I happen to already know how to use, create and 
modify templates, at a basic level, but I appreciated the informative and 
Cleary-written instructions here.  I'd like to be able to find the home page 
of this tutorial system, as it seems to be, except that on the templates 
page, I can't figure out if any of the links is to such a home page or 

I did find a link called Tutorials, thinking this might be it, but it took 
me to a page entitled Downloads, obviously belonging to the group (the long 
list of historical dates that the author includes globally was there, for 
instance), but it's certain not a starting point for the tutorials, whether 
basic, intermediate or advanced.

How can I find the starting point or table of contents, or index page, 
whatever, for this series?

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I have to chime in here to say that among other things, I have to write
elaborate document automation systems in Word which make use of

They can be a great time saver for those who are well-versed in Word,
but I wouldn't recommend a beginner start trying to use them.  I've seen
to many folks get really frustrated with their efforts at templates.

A template is basically just a copy of a document, that you've got just
the way you want, and which you intend to use as a starting point for
many other documents.  Once you create a document from a template,
you've made a copy, so nothing you do when changing the document changes
the original template (as Judith pointed out).  This doesn't apply to
your template, which is somewhat different.

This means that in order to change a template, you've got to learn
enough about templates to know how to do it (because it's not obvious).

Still, for those who want to spend the time learning about them, here's
a tutorial on Word templates for beginners:



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I don't think so Debbie.  First of all, if you hav a template
with your name, address etc. the template wont change if you decide to
change your name on one template to Jane Doe.  Every time you bring down
that template you will still be Debbie Kessler.  As for headers on a
template, if you save it once it remains in that template until you
decide to delete said template.  HTH, Judith

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Now there is something I could use to save me time and
yet hardly use them, those templates. Do I simply save a blank document
template and insert the header information? Then when I save the
document, the new information would become the new header?

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Subject: Re: want help with headers in Word 2000

Hi Debbie,

That's an excellent suggestion.  Having the file
name on the document is a great way to keep track of documents.  You can
have that set to a template, so when you open a new document using this
template, the header is already in place.  Thanks!



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