Re: virtualise window in jfw 11

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  • Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 14:06:39 -0800

Oops. I guess I'm adding the shift when I don't need to. Okay, slightly less 


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  Here it is from the the What's new in Jaws help for version 11.

  Virtualize Current Window
  The Virtualize Current Window keystroke is now INSERT+ALT+W. The previous 
keystroke, INSERT+CTRL+W, is now used for Word Index.

  Virtualize Current Control
  The Virtualize Current Control keystroke is now INSERT+ALT+SHIFT+W. The 
previous keystroke was INSERT+CTRL+SHIFT+W.

  JAWS HELP is a nice resource.


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    Subject: virtualized window in jfw 11

    Can someone please remind me what the keystroke to virtualized a window in 
jfw 11 is?

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