Re: virtual viewer in jfw 11?

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Actually I've found that if you hit the alt key with left thumb and w with left 
ring finger and insert or jaws application key with right hand it isn't nearly 
as torturous in desktop layout.

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  One has to almost be a contortionist to perform this one with the desktop 
layout.  I know some of you use the laptop layout regardless but I have never 
gotten used to it, when I have to use a laptop with Jaws, I pray they have a 
wireless regular keyboard I can use if it isn't my home.  



  Rose Combs



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  From the JFW help files what's new section note the following:

  I hope this helps.



  "Virtualize Current Window
  The Virtualize Current Window keystroke is now INSERT+ALT+W. The previous 
keystroke, INSERT+CTRL+W, is now used for Word Index.

  Virtualize Current Control
  The Virtualize Current Control keystroke is now INSERT+ALT+SHIFT+W. The 
previous keystroke was INSERT+CTRL+SHIFT+W."

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    In 10 there was a nice feature that allow me to create a virtual view of a 
screen such as an error message so that I could select all and coppy it to 
paste somewhere else. Can't find this in JAWS j11. anyone know how to produce 
that result?  


    Bill Spiry


    Juris doctor Candidate 2012


    University of Oregon School of Law




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