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I have another piece of info to pass along about this.

This is a great explanation of the jaws buffer. What happens in jaws that
might effect the user is that sometime the buffer will sort of get hung up
and you will have to use the jaws key ( insert key) and the esc key in
conjunction with each other to refresh the Jaws buffer to keep your web
pages from hanging up or taking so long to load to people who uses jaws. The
page is loaded but jaws acts like it is not, and you will have to refresh
the jaws buffer. This also can happen in other application like outlook, MS
word outlook express and so on.
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Here is one explanation I have received.

The actual buffer is a temporary file that JAWS puts on your machine and 
accesses, but you have no need of knowing the name of or where the file is. 
I don't know.  The function of it is what is important.  The function is so 
that JAWS can interpret the contents of the page loaded into the browser 
which it does by interpreting the HTML code loaded into the browser.  It 
then presents you with an interface that allows you to curser up and down, 
left or right and use just about any of your word processing abilities to 
interact with the information loaded from the page.  It is something many of 
use heavily on a daily basis.  The trend is that there are more and more web 
technologies that screen readers and JAWS in particular are falling behind 
on being able
to work with and most of these problems resulting from something referred to 
as ajax or web 2.0.  Standard HTML along with some java and even some flash 
content work very well.  These technologies also work very well to do many, 
many things and even most things that some think they have to use ajax for, 
however you will run across pages that people have used the ajax and such
on these days out of necessity or otherwise.  So definitely enjoy the open 
doors that using this way of browsing the web allows, just be aware that the 
trend is that these alternative technologies are becoming more of a factor 
without a good answer yet.

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