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  • From: "cheryll" <cheryll@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 00:27:15 -0800

Hi again,
Please explain what a virtual buffer is and its function.
Much thanks, Cheryl

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  From: G.W. Cox 
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  Subject: Re: virtual buffer

  Rich, you didn't have to wait for something special to use that keystroke. It 
appears to work right now, for example, and comes in handy on most things that 
Jaws doesn't "read."
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  From: Richard Sherman 
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  I just found a dialogue box to test what you had stated and it worked. I used 
the keystrokes of insert + control + w to virtualize the current window. Then I 
just hit the esc key and all was back to normal.

  Thanks for all the help.

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    If the "it" that you referred to was the virtual window, escape should do 
the trick. If it was the error message you wanted to dump, that's a whole 
nother story.

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