v 6 issues: Re: keystroke e and f do almost the same thing on web pages

  • From: <ptusing@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 19:59:09 -0500

 Since there was no public beta, there is no beta-like place to submit
comments thatI know of. That is why I asked "Where?".
If this  version 6 takes up an entire sma, then I want emails to read when
opened and for somebody to tell the world  "which video card" supposedly
supports the extensively tested joint use of JAWS and MAGIC.
Yes, there are some  enhancementswith version 6 which is very responsive,
but the email problems and others  are annoying and like others, I  have
paid "in  advance"  for this upgrade and for 3 MAGIC versions that do not
necessarially work smoothly alone or withJAWS as tauted on the F S web site
with--and as of las  week end when I discovered another MAGIC bug-- when
using  MAGIC *alone*.
Perhaps others who feel free to comment will discuss when or if JAWS
*finally*  supports the predominant video card in use the ATI models and
"which models"!
I have called   the very well-trained and hard-working  tech support
people--who do an excellent job in my honest opinion--but there are
questions they cannot answer a as  JAWS 6 seems to bring us this new
authroization scheme with some  problems for some. e
Like  learning about the problematic merging problems--thanks for those
warnings--perhaps some  one has the long overdue info  on ability to use
actual recent A T I  cards.
Appreciate comments on  "e" and "f" as when people can freely discussstuff
on this list, people can learn.

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