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As another option, you can attach a "regular" keyboard to your laptop and
continue on as usual.
Of course this depends on where and how you are using your computer.  If you
travel from place to place often, you might not want to cart around the
external keyboard with you all the time.
I use a laptop at home, and did not want to get involved with learning a
different set of keys for my home use and one for my work.  Yes - lazy.
I use the external keyboard at home and it serves my needs fine.

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as I am just switching over to jaws 9 i am being made to switch to the new
laptop layout as well, which makes my capslock key the jaws key. however, I
didn't know that this would completely disable to capslock key not allowing
me to write anything all in upper case letters. how does one do this now
with jaws 9 under the new laptop (at least to me) layout?

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