Re: useing jaws in chat rooms.

  • From: "Slade Sellers" <sladesell@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 21:09:36 -0600

 yahoo, although u may need scripts unless u have jaws 7 is free n works fairly 
well.  A lot of dialog boxes so u have 2 switch cursors.  however some icons 
can't b read.

American online:  Wait until the new version is compatible with jaws.  Soon, I 

Don't use msn but hear its good.  Perhaps someone  else can give u feedback on 

That's just the popular clients but there's a lot more.


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  I don't have a chat client program. I didn't know you needed one. do you know 
of a site that you can get one for free? Your friend, Corey

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    Hi Corey!

    First of all, what type of chat client program are you using?  There's 
allot of chat client programs are available for you to choose.



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