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  • Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 10:47:17 -0400

Categorically, you can't use the update feature to download JAWS 12. One
byproduct is that occasionally FS will update an earlier version of JAWS,
but you'll be notified only with that version loaded. I recall JAWS 10 being
updated some time after JAWS 11 was released.
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Correct. I don't think you can upgrade from one major rev to another in that
way (e.g. from JAWS 11 to JAWS 12). Try downloading the latest 93 Mb file
from the Freedom Scientific web site under the JAWS headquarters. Or else
you'll need to wait for your DVD to be mailed to you.
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I thought one could update to v. 12 from within v. 11 by using the update
feature in the help menu. However I do not find v. 12 as listed in what is
available. I do have 1 sma remaining.
Stan Holdeman

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