Re: two separate issues

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  • Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 07:54:40 -0400

That's correct.

Omar Binno

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  Yes, I have experienced the O/E problem you mention here.
  Periodic, not something that happens all the time?

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  From: "Omar Binno" <omarbinno@xxxxxxxxx>
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  Subject: two separate issues


  I have questions about two separate issues when using Jaws 10. First, Has 
  anyone had trouble using jaws on facebook? I find that alot of times, like 
  when you click on someone's profile for example, and you hit enter on some 
  of the options/buttons/links, they won't activate or open. Even using the 
  jaws cursor and left-clicking on the desired button or link won't do the 
  trick. If anyone has had similar issues, what are some solutions, if any?

  Second, I find that sometimes, when I open internet explorer, jaws will not 
  read the screen, and I have to close the browser and reopen it. The same 
  thing happens sometimes when I open outlook express and start a new email 
  message. Jaws will not read anything you type in the body when you press the 
  arrow keys. Has anyone else encountered this problem?


  Omar Binno

  AIM: LOD1116
  Skype: obinno1

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