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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to tell you guys about a cool Talking Caller ID I found that works 
with your PC and is very JAWS accessible.  The software costs about $39 and 
they have a free 21-day demo version that you can download and try out for 
yourself.  I first learned about this software on ACB's Main Menu site.  It 
took a little bit of time and configurations to set up but I think most of my 
time was really spent in trying to install the modem on a Windows XP machine.  
The Caller ID software hardly took any time at all to configure.  You must have 
a modem that is caller ID capable for this software to work.  Since it can be 
kind of dificult to find a modem that is guaranteed to work, I'll let you know 
what I'm using.  I purchased a used Creative Labs Modem Blaster V.92 DI5633 on 
eBay for about $27.  But you can also use the Creative Labs Modem Blaster V.92 
DI5631 which can also be purchased on eBay for about $47.  The DI5631 is 
actually the better model since it also has voice mail capabilities and would 
allow you to take full advantage of the features in the Talking Caller ID 
software.  And believe me, there are a boat load of features.  Since I already 
had a talking A T & T answering machine, I didn't have a problem buying the 
5633 model which works perfectly for me. The thing I like about the talking 
caller ID software as opposed to just going out and buying a stand-alone 
talking caller ID is that every    model I've looked at on sites like Maxi 
Aides  or Independent Living.Com will only read the number and not the name of 
the caller.  Those that do read the name will only do so if you pre-record a 
voice message yourself and link it to a particular phone number.  The devices 
themselves  do not have text to speech capabilities other than reading the 
phone number.  Other combination phones/talking caller IDs  only announce the 
number when you receive a call.  They don't speak when you go back to review 
the calls you received for the day.  I mean, how useless is that?  I've 
included various links below related to this topic including a link that will 
let you hear the Main Menu review of this software.  Prior to that there's also 
a brief synopsis of the review.  If you're looking for a talking caller ID, 
this software is a viable option.  By the way, the person doing the review will 
mention that he's using a particular US Robotics modem.  I realize your first 
instinct might be to go out and look for that same model (at least that's what 
I did, *grin*).  But if you live here in the United States, forget about it.  
You can't find that thing ANYWHERE! I looked all over the place.  I looked on 
eBay, Google, Yahoo and other places.  The only place they seem to sell that US 
Robotics model is in Europe.  That's all for now.  Take care!



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21 August 2002

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If you're about to retire your dial-up modem to wherever dial-up modems
retire, you may want to give that a second thought when you hear this week's
review of Talking Caller ID, a
programme which not only lets you hear who's calling, but lets you play messages
to callers based on who they are.  And Brian Hartgen reviews Any Time Deluxe.


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