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You can use this with jaws so I thought some would like to know.

Johnnie Apple Seed

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Field Testers needed! APH Bank Account
Management Software

Hello from American Printing House for the Blind!
Please pass along this message to others who might be interested.

Money Talks is an accessible, bank account management software package
available for field testing. Web and e-mail addresses that you need in
to field test are at the bottom of this email.

Whether you work for a rehabilitation agency or in the schools, you are
savvy blind computer user or are just beginning to learn, you are
experiencing vision loss or have had no vision changes for years, you
studying budgeting and money management in high school or are managing
bank accounts and two credit cards, you are knowledgeable in the
field or work in a senior center or other facility where people
vision loss and low vision -- field testing this program may be for

Money Talks works without other computer access software; it has built
speech and reads everything that you need. You can also enlarge the
use both voice and large print. You can turn off the built in speech
your own screen reader if you prefer.

The final version of Money Talks will have good-sounding speech. WE
able to use the good speech in our field test versions. The beta speech
Microsoft; though it is pretty clear, many people find the voice
to hear. Remember that the final version will have really nice-sounding

With Money Talks, you can do the following and more. You can record all
details of bank transactions including categories and subcategories and
information in the electronic check register. You can mark individual
transactions as cleared in the register. If you can download qif format
files from your bank's web site, you can import them into Money Talks
reconcile them with your check register. You can read cleared and total
balances at any time. You can edit transactions to correct errors, set
recurring transactions, add categories and subcategories, and pull up a
previously-used payee name by typing the first few letters. You can
totals and specific transactions in any of the categories and
You can tell the program to check for program updates; if you are
to the internet, it will tell you if there is a new version and ask if
want to download it. The program will print or braille emboss check
registers, (not yet implemented). It will also allow you to use your
computer and printer to write three types of checks: Quicken
checks; business-sized checks; and raised-line, large-print checks (the
two types available for purchase in checkbooks from most banks). Check
printing is not fully implemented yet, but will be very soon.

To field test, you must make a commitment to:
download and use Money Talks;
join our Money Talks field testing e-mail list;
share any questions, problems, or suggestions about any aspect of the
program or documentation on the e-mail list;
do not discuss Money Talks outside of the e-mail list;
download and use new field test versions of the program as it is posted
you can ask Money Talks to check for updates and download and install
very easily.
Technical support will be provided on the e-mail list only, not by

We will give final versions of the software to up to 20 field testers
have offered significantly helpful suggestions.
Everyone will receive the satisfaction of learning a new program and
participating in its development.

We will post frequent updates to the program based on bugs that you
suggestions that you make, and implementation of a few features that
quite finished yet. Please join us in working with this exciting
E-mail me privately with any questions you may have about field

To field test,
go to
and follow the directions.
Here is what you will do as you follow the directions:
read the general license information and click yes.
On the next screen, click the link for Money Talks. On the next screen,
click the download link.

Join the Money Talks e-mail list by sending an e-mail message to:
and write subscribe in the subject line.

E-mail me if you have questions about field testing at: tterlau@xxxxxxx

Best regards,
Terrie Terlau

Mary T. (Terrie) Terlau, Ph.D.
Adult Life Project Leader
Department of Educational and Technical Research
American Printing House for the Blind
1839 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206
Phone:  (502) 899-2381
Toll-free: (800) 223-1839 ext. 381
Fax: (502) 899-2269
Email: tterlau@xxxxxxx
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Regards Steve,
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