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  • From: "Barbara" <barbaraanne1@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2008 09:12:13 -0600

Good morning David,
Have you looked at JAWS HTML settings to ensure they are all checked?
Configuration Menu - JAWS+F2
Arrow to Configuration Menu, enter
Alt+S to bring up the Settings Menu
Type H to get to HTML.
This is a multi-tab page.  Back tab and you will hear Text Tab.
Right arrow until you here Links Tab.
Tab through the options and make sure everything is checked.
Can you hear the list of Forms fields, if your press JAWS+F5?
But not Links?
Also look at the verbosity options while on a web page using JAWS+V.

Barbara Anne 

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Hi folks,
I asked a question a few days ago and received no answer. I have somehow
made it so I cannot use the links list procedure. When I hit F7 it say links
list but I cannot arrow down or use first letter function. Don't know how I
did it but did it I did.
I am using jfw 7.1, xp home, and I.e. 7.

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