Re: statement when jaws starts

  • From: "Rob" <musicmaker365@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 20:03:41 -0600

I had the same error.
here is what I did to fix it.
replace the first line of the script you coppied with the one below.
just change the name from Rob to your name.
Say ("Welcome Rob,", OT_message)

it seems that a coma after the quote sign was missing.



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  Good evening list, 

  I've been trying to change the message when Jaws starts but am getting the 
following error message.  Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong? 

  thanks in advance


  Compile Error
   Function Say requires between 2 and 3 parameters not 1
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    From: Shannon Hannah 
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    Subject: statement when jaws starts

    Alice, my instructions are very much the same as what Bob posted. His were 
better in point form, but I have posted the instructions I use below, which I 
believe I got from the old jfwlite list. I added the first line as a welcome 
message but you certainly can omit this first line. If you do want to have a 
message you can put whatever you want in here. Hope this helps and if you want 
write me off the list at:

    Announce Jaws version number and Date and Time on Load
    If you have more than one version of Jaws on your system, sometimes it is 
easy to get confused what version is loaded.  This script will say the number 
of Jaws that you are using, plus it will say the date and time when you first 
load jaws. 
    Press jaws key+0
    press control+shift+d to get to the default script file, 
    Press control L for the script list and arrow down to AutoStartEvent and 
enter. You are now in the auto start event script 
    arrow down to the line that says 
    let DefaultFirstTime = 1
    Go to the end of that line and enter and after that line paste in the 
following lines.  Of course change the version number to reflect the version  
and build of Jaws you are making the script change for.

    Say ("Welcome Shannon , ")
    Say ("Version 10", OT_message)
    Say ("Loaded on", OT_Message)
    SayUsingVoice (VCTX_PCCursor, SysGetDate (), OT_No_Disable)
    Say ("at", OT_Message)
    SayUsingVoice (VCTX_PCCursor, SysGetTime (), OT_No_Disable)

    Then press control S to compile the script and alt f4 to leave the script 

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