some of my jaws issues

  • From: "Malaina VanderWal" <mintjulepprincess@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2010 19:23:33 -0400

Ok now that I am on my computer lets see if this works better.  One of my 
biggest issues with jaws since 8.0 is that jaws will not read everything in an 
email message or a word or text document.  I have to use the insert down arrow 
command several times.  But even while it starts and I start it back up jaws 
either skips text or repeats some of it.  When I use the down arrow it will 
repeat the same sentence until I go up one line and then back down again.  But 
this also has made jaws skip  text.  I am using jaws 11 with vista.  I make 
sure my windows are maximized.  
Another issue is when I delete an email in windows mail a lot of times it won't 
display that the message is gone until I either use the up or down arrow and 
then go back to the spot where the deleted email had been.  This then will 
finally display the new message in its place.  Any ideas?  I have also had the 
same issues with the research it in the UPS tracking that others have had.  It 
worked fine until about 3 weeks ago may be a little less.


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